Written by: Elizabeth Patricia Earle (Libby)
 Written over 10 days in June 2007
 A Newfoundlander now and forever more
 Carbonear will be his home and not some distant shore
 If it wasn’t for Melanie it never would have been
 The nite Carbonear screeched the Yankee in.
 As stunning Kim White took photos of Brian’s feet
 The smell rose as Brian froze in Newfie water deep 
 Brian took a bite of caplin instead of treasured cod
 Then Edna made him recite and gave him the nod
 Edna took Brian to the floor to do a Newfie jig, 
 As Brian washed down the screech a Yankee no more 
 When Libby Earle came to Old Carbonear Town,
 She brought the Yank and met the byes and never saw a frown. 
 Kelvin Rice walked in that night we were around the bay.
 We heard he was the man that would make the music play.
 We asked him to play at the Stone House after Brian was screeched in
“No come up to the house and the playing will begin.”
So up the street all hands trooped staggerrin as we went
 I must say we had a ball even though all hands were bent.
 Kevin led us to a door and over some stairs
 Up to a flat were stood a cat, so very fearce.
 That’s when a fella from Toronto made a big mistake
 Kelvin saw it first, he yelled, we all took up the rake
 The stupid fella tried to pour the cat some beer
 We told him loud “in Newfoundland” we don’t do that here.
 Go back where ya come from Bye, if yar smart
 If ya hang around here long you’ll be in a cart!
 Well Brian got screeched in that night his feet they nearly froze
 He stood in Newfie waters deep and now where ever he goes
 He’ll go down in history like the Children of the Kyle.
 The night the ghosts of Carbonear looked down and had to Smile. 
 This Stone House of history a nite to go on file
 Became the meeting place for all around “The Children of the Kyle.”
What happened that night in Carbonear and the day after
 Will fill the hearts of all around with whales of laughter
 Libs went up to Dennis’ house and knocked upon the door
 Louise answered and sent the three around back for more. 
 And on the back porch that day Libs met Dennis that’s for sure
 She said Hi Im the sister of Phil Earle,
 Den replied “Then you’re my sister girl”
But Libs she knew as soon as she saw him
 Dennis looked just like Guy Fred, again
 In her minds eye was a memory of long ago
 As Libs met Dennis and saw Captain Guy too
 For she’d seen only seen Guy and Guy Fred one time
 They were still there in her soul and in her mind.
 Libby puked and let out a roar across the land
 The Bull moose heard, got scared and ran
 Coming back from Carbonear and the Celtic Rider bash
 Brian and Libs made it without a crash. 
 We flew across the TCH proud and free
 Didn’t know at all, that Libs would need to pee
 Didn’t know at all that the moose could crush us in pieces
 We made it back to Mt. Pearl flying like the geeses. 
 God looked at us that nite and many nights before, 
 What happened in Carbonear will go down in folklore.
 Poor Dave Parsons was not there that nite for he was out at sea 
 He was stuck in fog and ice and that just couldn’t be
 But he was there that first nite and told us quite a tale. 
 A tale that’s told across the land which made the ghosts’ wail
 What happened that night in the House of Stone
 The Children of the Kyle have finally come home. 
 Some of which I’m sure will try to deny
 But I know and they do to, The Children of the Kyle. 
 You’re all my brothers and sisters too, and I need you to know
 I love you all, and always will, even if you ignore
 The love is there, its blood you know forevermore 
“Added Jan 29 2022”
It’s been a long time since Libby wrote this poem.

Many years another Child of the Kyle has Come Home.
Her name is Delores and she grew up with them all,
Keeping it secret till I took her call.
I’ve heard from her before, When I was Swimming the Kyle,
She finally told the rest, its been awhile.
Yes She’s Guy’s daughter too, and there’s more, 12 at least hv come across my path, those we all know and don’t, I’ve done the Math.
But Carbonear and Harbour Grace and all the men who boarded the Kyle, their chlldern yes, are Children of the Kyle.
I’ll be home again to do that Swim, I gv my word
We’ll all be together soon, the Kyle has heard. The Ghosts of Seaman past are all aboard, waiting….