Built in -1912 -1913 by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd in Newcastle-on-Tyne, England.                                                        “K” for KYLE in the Newfoundland Reid Coastal Alphabet Fleet with extra thick Hull used for Icebreaker.
Arrives at St. John’s May 20th 1913 Under command of Captain Lorenzo Stevenson .                                                                         Queen of the Coal steamships, Known as the “Bulldog of the North”.                                                                                                   Locates the New York Daily Mirror Newspaper chartered Mono-plane – Old Glory “Heard Worldwide” 1927.
Carried Passengers, Cargo, Mail and a Dr. to Whom needed medical attention port to port.
Carried Newfoundland & Canadian troops for preparation for battle on the front lines in Europe & fishermen to Labrador.   Makes World Ship Trust’s Review 2011 & 2012 world Ship Trust Review.