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The Kyle drifted fast in heavy ice March 28 th until the 50-year-old vessel came to rest against a towering ice berg about
150 feet high on March 28th. said the 47-years old captain, Guy Earle, “You could hardly see the top of it for snow drifts.” He thought winds at the time to be gale force T 85 MILES AN HOUR. He said he feared the giant berg would turn over and crush the ship.” … Captain Earle said most of the deck was filled with heavy ice. Outside the boat was bulged in right from the midship to its bow on one side. As above, p 91 from the Evening Telegram. The top of vessel was torn asunder. Guy was able to get the Kyle, his men and the seals safely back to Carbonear, where he tied the Kyle to his wharf at Earle’s Fisheries.
After unloading all the seal pelts the following day Guy Earle, Charlie Dowden his Dad Steven Dowden, and the engineers took the SS Kyle to St. John’s to be inspected on dry dock by Jim Anderson (CSI) Canadian Steamship
Inspector only to find out there was closer to $150,000 worth of damage and was only insured for $100,000.00. They launched her back into the water and brought her back late that night to Carbonear Harbour. For the Next 2 days they unloaded all the food and salvageable goods ashore. Charlie Dowden & His Dad both Captains with the ships engineers Gerald Bernard Murphy brought the SS Kyle to Harbour grace where Charlie dropped the steam anchors with a good spead. Her boilers would cool for her final and last time.